27 NOVEMBER 2017
A powerful and recognizable brand is one of the success components in virtually any business. Companies spend millions on creating memorable names and logos, and then the brand starts working for the manufacturer in general and for the new products in particular.

The brand and the bright packaging still are among the most significant factors in the consumer’s selection of products in this country. Hungry for a variety of products and bright labels, which were in great deficit during the Soviet era, our consumers today often go after the look of the product, the logo and the name.

However, creating a new brand from scratch in Russia today is not so easy, as the market is over-satiated. It is still harder to establish a good reputation abroad. A nice-to-look-at name is not enough; the manufacturer must prove its competency in a particular sphere, especially when it comes to high-tech products. Take lubricants, for example. Seven years ago, Gazpromneft-Lubricants came up with its premium product under the brand name of G-Energy. An attractive name and engaging ads were not enough to promote the new product on the highly competitive market.

So, a decision was made to create the company’s own G-Energy racing team and to develop a new product, G-Energy Racing, a special kind of engine oil for racecars. After all, weren’t such grueling conditions as the conditions of rally raids ideal for promoting an engine oil brand?

Over a very short time, G-Energy Team won the Russian championship and the World Rally Raid Championship, ranked among top ten performers during the Dakar race, and this year won the prestigious Africa Eco Race Rally Marathon. Most importantly, in addition to better recognition of the brand in Russia and abroad, participation in rally raids gave the company tremendous practical experience in manufacturing new products.

Alexander Trukhan, General Director of Gazpromneft-Lubricants: “During the past four years, our engineers accompanied the crews at every race. We created a mobile lab of high-tech pieces of equipment. Now, we can select samples before, during and after the races, and can make recommendations to the drivers and mechanics as to what they should pay attention to. Our technologists then process the information that we receive during the races, and then come up with unconventional solutions for improving G-Energy products.”

Rally raids are, actually, among the most demanding tests of vehicles. Maximum loads, sand, dust, dirt, and truly Spartan servicing conditions – all are included.

Konstantin Zhiltsov, navigator of G-Energy Team: “We have worked with Gazpromneft-Lubricants Company for several years already, and this has been a very positive experience for us. We understand very well that the engine is the heart of the vehicle, and the oil is its blood. Blood is what supports the entire body. Our vehicles are heavy, our operating conditions are the most severe. And so the quality of the oil, its properties, define the success of the entire race.”

Moreover, rally raid tests are a unique guarantee of the reliability of the manufacturer; drivers and their teams do not need to check the performance of the engine oils on their own. Nevertheless, at least for preventive purposes, such tests are still necessary from time to time. The manufacturer believes that these tests, too, must be delegated to professionals, and to this end Gazpromneft-Lubricants has a ready-to-use solution. Three years ago, the company started developing a network of partner vehicle maintenance stations; today, the G-Energy Service project has entered the global market. Vehicle maintenance stations have been opened in 13 countries of the world; they follow unified standards of environmental safety.

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