11 DECEMBER 2017
It only seems that business is a monotonous process comprised of numbers, accounting reports and output volume indicators. But business is far from being boring when the team is passionate about what they do and puts forth every effort to achieve maximum effectiveness and best possible results.

Such companies always come up with interesting and ambitious projects, implemented successfully not only on land, but also at sea. Gazpromneft-Lubricants, one of the largest manufacturers of lubricant materials, celebrates its decennial this year. The company produces more than 500 types of products for various kinds of equipment and delivers lubricants and oils to 70 countries of the world.

BFM continues telling stories about the effective interaction between Gazpromneft-Lubricants and its partners that helped the company grow during all these years. One such partner is Far Eastern Shipping Company. The Company’s Operations Director talked to BFM reporters about cooperating with the manufacturing company and told a story about marine oils during a storm at sea.

Evgeniy Leonov, Operations Director of Far Eastern Shipping Company “We are interested in purchasing high-quality petroleum products from manufacturers. Having fewer intermediaries between the manufacturers and end consumers, of which Far Eastern Shipping Company is one, renders a definite economic effect. It is no secret that our ships often have to face stormy seas and difficult navigating conditions. So one of our ships had too change its route and call by Vladivostok only to take some lubricants onboard. The notice (the time between the request and the ship’s arrival – Ed.) was a mere 24 hours. We placed an order (for marine lubricant bunkering – Ed.), and they did everything quite fast; the ship left the port to continue on its route without any delays. They did everything just right and on time. Most importantly, they delivered high-quality products.”

The ability to provide solutions to complex problems on short notice is what helps lay a strong foundation for effective interaction with partners, Evgeniy Leonov said.

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