26 NOVEMBER 2017
The golden rule of business says: when you achieve success, never stop. The situation changes every second, and even an insignificant slowdown can cost you: you risk losing new clients, as well as those that still work with you.

Whereas a human being can live from day to day, this scheme is absolutely unacceptable for business. That is to say, we mean legal business, especially in the high-tech sphere.

Even when the expected results are achieved earlier than planned, business has no time to take a break. Progress must be continuous or business faces the risk of lagging behind the current trends forever and gradually losing all the clients.

Just in the 10 years of its history, Gazpromneft-Lubricants turned from a small startup of the head company into the largest player on the market of fuels and lubricants. The company has six production sites, including several plants abroad. The total output volume exceeds half a million tons a year, and the products are shipped to 70 countries of the world, including Sweden, Finland, South Korea, China, and, naturally, the states of the former Soviet Union.

Alexander Trukhan, General Director of Gazpromneft-Lubricants “After these ten years, I am happy to see that the goals we set before us initially in 2007 were achieved not in ten, but in five to seven years. This is why we have renewed our strategy three times already, each time setting more ambitious goals than before. In the nearest future, our plans are to solidify our position on the international market. Speaking about volumes, I think that by 2025 about 90% of our capacities in Russia will be working to the needs of Russia, and that we will be producing approximately the same amount abroad.”

Alexander Trukhan lists specific figures that the company plans to achieve within the next decade: by 2025, plans are to increase production to millions of tons of high-tech products. Moreover, the manufacturer is setting himself a very ambitious goal of becoming one of the top ten global leaders on the market of oils. Considering the past achievements of the company, we can safely say that all these plans will be carried out.

The manufacturer has been introducing state-of-the-art international practices in the sphere of technology, and applying the best world practices in environmental care as well. For instance, the Italian plant in the city of Bari conducts ecological monitoring by examining the state of the olive grove, which is watered by the cleaned wastewater produced by the enterprise. Cutting-edge technologies are being introduced at Russian enterprises as well. These measures set the tone for the company’s effective and efficient operations in the decade to come. The blooming trees at the hydrocarbon production facility are perhaps the best symbol of the company’s success and effectiveness.

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