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«Gazpromneft» introduced a new brand of G-Energy oils

27 APRIL 2010

"Gazpromneft" has launched a new brand of G-Energy motor oil onto the international market. The new brand presentation was held in Turin (Italy) at the brand's visual concept developer headquarters - a leading design agency Italdesign-Giugiaro.

The presentation was attended by the OJSC“Gazprom Neft” General Director, A.V.Dyukov, “Gazpromneft– Lubricants”, Ltd. General Director, A.M.Trukhan, “Gazpromneft - Lubrikants Italy"General Director,Fausto De Marci, the Russian Federation Consul General in Milan, A.V.Paramonov, Italdesign-GiugiaroDzhordzhettoDzhudzharo GroupPresident, Director, Italdesign-GiugiaroFabritsioDzhudzharo Group Style Center Director, the representatives of more than 80 distribution companies from Russia, Italy, Kazakhstan, and other countries, the Russian and Italian media representatives.

The new brand product range includes synthetic and semi-synthetic oils that meet the requirements of the global automotive manufacturers. Under G-Energy brand there will be manufactured products designed for today's passenger cars and commercial vehicles of the European, American and Japanese production. Until the end of 2010 G-Energy product range will consist of more than 30 items, including the special lubricants range for the automotive services.

G-Energy brand oils are produced at the company “Gazpromneft– Lubricants”, Ltd.European production facility in Bari (Italy). The plant in Bari is a modern hi-tech facility capable of producing 30 thousand tons of oil and 6 tons of greases per year. High-precision light commercial mix allows producing more than 100 kinds of different products for all sectors of the lubricants market. The plant is certified by the international quality system ISO (ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 requirements compliance) in the oils and greases production, packaging, storage and sale of.

G-Energy – is the first international brand that is being launchedby the Russian company. G-Energy products sales are launched simultaneously in Russia and in Europe. The company “Gazpromneft– Lubricants”, Ltd. will pursue a uniform policy to promote the new brand in different territories, as well as to build a single distribution network.

  The new product rangehigh qualityin the image fully corresponds to the new brand attributes. G-Energy style symbolizes leadership, power, high achievement, dynamics and speed, as reflected in the unique exquisite can design, labels chart and other visual components of the brand, developed by the company Italdesign-Giugiaro.

"Our objective– is to become a technological leader among Russian lubricants manufacturers. We have already made the first major step in this direction. Today we have modern production facilities capable of producing products that meet the European consumers’ requirements. The second step, which we are making now - is launching a brand to the market that is consistent both with the declared level of quality and global nature of distribution ", - said “Gazpromneft– Lubricants”, Ltd.General Director, Alexander Trukhan.
"The company “Gazpromneft” is perceived in Europe as one of the world's energy leaders. Therefore, the launching of the international oil brand «G-Energy» to the market - a logical move from the company side, which seeks to most effective use of its potential"
,- said «GazpromneftLubricantsItaliaS.pA» General Director, Mr. Fausto De Marci.

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