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«Gazprombeft-Lubricants», Ltd. on the exhibition «Interplastics 2011»

26 JANUARY 2011
«Gazpromneft-Lubricants», Ltd. forthefirsttimepresentsitsproductsattheexhibition «Interplastics» heldinMoscowontheExpocentreterritoryonKrasnayaPresnya.The exhibition is attended by the leading domestic and foreign companies - the plastics industry leaders, as well as the large companies, the equipment, accessories and consumables manufacturers.

The company «Gazpromneft-Lubricants», Ltd. started to master the new market from the second half of 2010, after appearing in its portfolio of GazpromneftHydraulic HZF special hydraulic oils with Zn free additive package. These oils are especially widely used in the imported injection molding machines hydraulic systems, which now dominate in the market. In addition to Zn free hydraulics «Gazpromneft-Lubricants», Ltd. stand presents GazpromneftHydraulic HLP oil range, that had already gained both Russian and foreign industrial customers trust. These products meet the world's leading manufacturers’ requirements and are widely used in the various equipment associated with the plastic products production. Also GazpromneftReductor CLP premium reductor oils series are exhibited, used in heavy-duty gears. The greases premium line for a wide application in the field of polymer industry is represented by the Italian products GazpromneftSupergrease, GazpromneftGrease L, GazpromneftGrease L EP, GazpromneftGrease L Moly EP 2.

Every day at the exhibition there work the Company Engineering support Department and sales unit representatives. They advise manufacturers and acquaint them with the latest «Gazpromneft-Lubricants», Ltd. products range. As a result of the exhibition the company intends to attract new partners - domestic and foreign equipment manufacturers for the plastic products manufacturing.

«Interplastics» is an international specialized exhibition for the plastics and rubbers and is already held for the 14-th time. The event brings together the manufacturers from 30 countries worldwide. To the visitors attention there presented a full range of specialized products and services: the machinery and equipment for the rubber and plastics manufacturing and processing, the raw materials preparation and recycling, tools and related equipment, control - measuring and regulating equipment, raw and auxiliary materials, plastics and rubber industries products, logistics, warehouse equipment, specialized services and more.

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