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G-Energy Team won silver at the famous Rally of Morocco

15 OCTOBER 2015
The Russian G-Energy Team acting with the support of the G-Energy premium engine oils brand took second place in the OiLibya Rally 2015. Silver medals of the Rally of Morocco were won in a bitter struggle by a crew of Vladimir Vasilyev and Konstantin Zhiltsov on the Toyota HiLux.

This year's OiLibya Rally attracted a record number of racers - about 200 participants, who had to overcome a total distance of 2,255 km, took to the start. Stony roads and sand dunes, hills, valleys with dry riverbeds and mountain spiral highways became components of the trace.

Experts believe the Rally of Morocco to be dress-rehearsal before the "Dakar" - the most famous rally-marathon of the world. From the first day Vasilyev and Zhiltsov joined the fight for the top places. At all stages, except for the second one, the crew of G-Energy Team came in the top five, which made it possible to finish with the second result in the overall standings.

"It is not the first year that our company has been supporting the G-Energy Team. The specialists of Gazpromneft - Lubricants constantly travel with the crew to various racetracks and conduct research of oils in extreme conditions of the rally-raid," said Roman Zimovets, Deputy General Director for Marketing and Business Development of Gazpromneft - Lubricants. "Knowledge of technicians and experience of athletes become the basis for the development of new formulations of high-tech G-Energy oils."

G-Energy is the premium-class brand of Gazpromneft - Lubricants engine oils intended for the most up-to-date passenger vehicles originating from Europe, the US and Japan. The unique adaptive ACF technology used in the oil allows intensification of the required performance characteristics according to the engine operating modes through activation of the necessary additives at just the right time. The products are manufactured at the Gazpromneft - Lubricants factory in Bari, Italy. The oils are approved by the leading world manufacturers (MB, VW, BMW, Renault, GM, etc.) In 2013, Gazpromneft - Lubricants was the first at the Russian market to release the dedicated family of 100% synthetic oils named G-Energy Racing specifically developed for professional racing cars and modern sport cars. G-Energy Racing motor oils provide maximum protection against engine wear, and efficiently guard engine parts against the formation of deposits. They maintain their performance characteristics even under the peak load conditions that are typical for racing.

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