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G-Energy Racing oils got the approval of MAN motorsport division

26 FEBRUARY 2018
G-Energy Racing engine oils designed for use in racing cars and cars with high-speed engines got the approval from the motorsport division of MAN Truck & Bus AG.

The obtained approval is the result of extensive testing program implemented by Gazpromneft-Lubricants technical specialists on the basis of independent sports team performing on MAN trucks. The tests were held within the 2017 European Truck Racing Championship (ERTC).

In the first stage of the Championship the MAN sports car engines were topped up with G-Energy Racing SAE 10W-60 engine oil and control samples were taken. Further, after each race, samples of working oils for rapid testing were collected by the mobile laboratory in the service area. Then additional samples were sent to the independent international research center for advanced analysis.

According to the test results, the motorsport division of MAN Truck & Bus AG gave the positive feedback on the use of motor oils produced by Gazpromneft-Lubricants in its equipment.

Roman Zymovets, Deputy General Director for Marketing and Strategic Development, Gazpromneft-Lubricants:

“Product quality control is one of the priorities of our company. We cooperate with the research centers of the leading automotive manufacturers, using independent expertise to confirm the quality of G-Energy oils. Autosport competitions create unique conditions for product testing, that's why for four years we check the operation of our oils under extreme conditions on different race tracks”.


*Mobile laboratory - portable mobile complex, consisting of high-tech devices: IR-spectrometer and xRF- spectrometer xSort. The first of them estimates the degree of oil aging in comparison with fresh product sample. Measured values of these indicators allow diagnosing the state of engine systems and assessing the degree of product "aging". xRF spectrometer xSort shows the metal content in the working oil samples. Metals in oil are the products of parts wear, additive indicator elements, products of external pollution. The value of the measured parameters allows to diagnose the wear of engine parts, determine the presence of external impurities, evaluate the operational properties of the product. This year the mobile laboratory equipment has been replenished with a new device - portable viscometer, which allows to determine the contamination of engine oil with fuel or soot, which allows you to identify malfunctions in the engine power system. Gazpromтeft-Lubricants applies mobile laboratories not only for lubricant tests on race tracks. Similar complexes are used for working with motor transport enterprises, mining and processing plants, agricultural machinery, as well as partner dealer centers.

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