11 DECEMBER 2017
Any company doing business abroad will tell you: it is a well-known fact that some countries let in foreign business partners quite easily. But then there are other countries, where it is quite tricky to get in. And when the company succeeds in its projects with such countries, we call such a company successful and effective.

The international market of lubricants is very demanding for the quality of the products, so importers must watch out for mistakes. Gazpromneft-Lubricants is one of the leading manufacturers of lubricants in Russia. The company delivers its products to 70 countries of the world. Here is just one of many examples when the company managed to gain access to a very hard-to-get-into market. Hungary is a country where foreign business is viewed fairly suspiciously. Nevertheless it took Gazpromneft-Lubricants just four years to get into the country and achieve significant success on the local market. Managing Director of URT Oil Trade Kft, the official distributor of Gazpromneft-Lubricants in Hungary, shared his impressions of successful cooperation with the Russian company in Hungary.

Alexander Sokolov, Managing Director of URT Oil Trade Kft Company: “Our cooperation began in February 2013. The pluses are that this is a major multinational corporation that has great plans for development of the European market. Their products are really good, and as of today, we have convinced quite a few enterprises; many are switching to Gazpromneft-Lubricants products. The customers have rated the company products quite highly. In particular, Hungarian clients view the fact that these are Russian-made products very positively. Naturally, some clients who have had one and the same manufacturer as their partner for a while, do not want to change anything, but we try to convince them to try. And quite a few of them try these new products and remain with us.”

BFM asked our interlocutor to tell an interesting story about cooperating with the Russian manufacturer. We learned from his answer that when cooperation is convenient for all the parties, and things go quite smoothly, the best story you can tell is that there are no problems. But what if problems do appear, after all?

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