Requirements to a potential authorized distributor

1. Main scope of activity must be associated with sales of lubricants, otherwise, you should have a subsidiary or special department which deals with lubricants distribution.

2. The possibility to develop the realization of lubricants progressively, focused and balanced through three main market segments: passenger vehicle lubricants (B2C), commercial and industrial lubricants (B2B) and vehicle service stations.

3. Availability of three departments (min 3 workers) to cover market segments: B2C, B2B, motor vehicle service.

4. Execute, conduct and participate in marketing activities of Gazpromneft-lubricants as well as follow the instructions of the company in marketing programs.

5. Focus on direct sales and work actively with retail chains.

6. Provide consumers with additional services such as delivery, technical and maintenance training and consulting services.

7. Have ample storage capacities to store sales stock.

8. Develop and approve an annual development business plan for sales and services in accordance with responsibilities and market capacity. A form of a business plan is provided by Gazpromneft. The form is subject to any alteration and additions by GP.

9. Company is obliged to carry out an annual business-plan.

10. Fulfill a minimum of logistic requirements.

11. Volume of purchases is counted in accordance with market capacity and can be provided by the enquiry.